First Aid Kits 102 – An “Ouch Pouch” for at home & on the road.

First Aid Kits 102 – An “Ouch Pouch” for at home & on the road.

Following on from our post – First Aid Kits 101

Here we’ll run through some of the most needed / used items that a family of 4 or 5 will most likely use at one point or another. As well as all the basics, this family ouch pouch has also been built to take on days out.




First and foremost, you’ll need some sort of container for your First Aid Kit, You can jump ahead and purchase one before you buy the components, but we’d recommend you wait until you own the gear first, then buy one to suit.

Secondary to that, make sure that all family members know where the ouch pouch is, what it looks like and the basics of what’s in it – play pretend with young children and have them dress your “wounds” so they have an idea of how to fix little problems like cuts, grazes or paper cuts. If / when an injury like that happens, have them help you treat their or your own injuries. First Aid isn’t just for adults. It’s for everyone! 


If you buy a First Aid Kit, make sure it has the the following:


·         X1 First aid instructional manual

·         X1 Sharpie / marker

·         x4 Pairs of Nitrile powder-free gloves – sized to suit the main users!

·         x10 Anti-bacterial wipes – any will do.

·         X2 Packets of assorted size plasters -low adhesion, fabric, waterproof, padded or even silver lined are all available, pick what suits you. (I prefer fabric as they stick well)

·         X1 Tuff-Kut scissors – these can cut through clothes, seatbelts and pretty much anything else fabric.

·         X1 Tweezers

·         X1 Waterproof dressing strip – you can cut this to length.

·         X1 Packet of microporous tape – to attach the dressing pads below.

·         X1 Packet of assorted low-adherent absorbent dressing pads (to include 5x5cm and 7.5×7.5cm)

·         X2 12x12cm sterile dressing – approx.

·         X1 18x18cm sterile dressing – approx.

·         X1 Large (250ml) eye wash bottle OR X4-6 Small (20ml) eye wash bottles – when anything sterile is opened eg. The large bottle of eye wash, it is NOT sterile anymore, by using smaller bottles you’re more likely to have some unopened when needed as once the larger bottle is opened, you CANNOT use it again!

·         X1 Eye pad for adults (No.16) and x1 for your size children.

·         X1 Instant ice pack – to be used on bumps, bruises, strains and sprains.

·         X1 Packet of burn blott sachets – for superficial / partial coverage burns.

·         X1 Hand Sanitizer Gel – circa 60ml

·         X1 Face shield – large plastic sheet and breathing filter for mouth to mouth.

·         X1 Small packet of safety pins

·         X1 Rigid tip thermometer

·         X1 Triangular bandage

·         X1 Packet Paracetamol (unless allergic)

·         X1 Packet Ibroprofen (unless allergic)

·         X1 Packet allergies medicine (hay fever)

·         X2 Energy gel – to be used as a last resort.


If using this kit for traveling.

·         X4/5 Foil blankets – foil blankets reflect heat, if there is no heat to reflect, they do not work.

·         X4/5 Pocket poncho

·         X4 Sick bags

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