First Aid Kits 101 – Putting together an “Ouch Pouch” for any activity.
First Aid Kit - OP in Coed Y Brennin

First Aid Kits 101 – Putting together an “Ouch Pouch” for any activity.

The key thing with an “Ouch Pouch” or any First Aid Kit, is that you MUST know how to use the items within it! Secondary to that, OP’s are situational – regardless of if you buy a first aid kit, or put one together yourself, make sure it has ALL the items you need.

First aid kits for the car, the bike, a run or even a boating trip are inherently different and you must build them to suit where you’re going to be / potential risks of the area you’ll be in etc. There’s no use putting a burn kit in a first aid kit made for Kayaking – As there’s a high chance you’ll never need it. 

In any activity you’re attempting, you need to take a step back (before you go!) and assess the risks.

1. What am i doing?

1. Where am I going?

3. What am i likely to encounter?

4. If I were to injure myself, what sort of injuries are most common?

5. Do I, or anyone in my group have any specific needs we need to plan ahead for? like Asthma, Diabetes, Allergies or anything else for that matter.

Once done, put something together that suits your environment.


  • Check your kit regularly
  • Check expiration dates and replace out-of-date or used contents.
  • Have a list of phone numbers you’ll likely to need BEFORE you need them, if printed or written, putting these in a reusable clear plastic bag will be of a huge help.


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