At Outdoor Kultur we are all about enjoying the outdoors and getting active outside. However, most activities require some sort of equipment or gear, be it simple running shoes, a sleeping bag or a helmet.

Do you buy and test all the equipment recommended?
Whilst we at OK may not be experts in certain areas, we do have years of experience to warrant a legitimate, honest and personal review of the products on this website.
Reviews may not be of the latest products, but they are of the greatest products.
Though we cannot buy every single product we recommend, we try to limit the products reviewed that are sponsored or given to us specifically for this purpose.
Doing our reviews in this fashion allows us to evaluate honestly.

What do you mean by the “Best”?
Simply put, if we tell you it is, we genuinely believe it to be *at the time of publishing* the best. If you disagree, wish us to review certain equipment or gear or wish to add some personal experience(s) to an article or review, please let us know on

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