Born between friends, Outdoor Kultur promotes our love of being outside - the trails, the wind in our hair and the sounds of mother nature.

Why Outdoor Kultur?
The first word is obvious really, we want to show you all about outdoor culture.
Kultur came about because half of our team is German so that’s a little nod to that… 
And it sounds cool.

Our latest adventures

Ellis profile pic


The eccentric half of Outdoor Kultur. 

I got my first bike on my third birthday, coming from a cycling family it was no surprise when ten minutes later it had no stabilisers on. Since then I’ve been pedalling everything from fixies to cargo & road bikes, but my heart is in mountain biking.

I’ve been in the cycling industry since I was 16 so if you need a bleedkit for a Grimeca brake, I’m your man!

If I’m not on my bike, I still work in the cycling industry, trying to take over the world, one brake pad at a time. 


The German half of Outdoor Kultur. 

Growing up, I always loved the outdoors. My parents took me on my first hiking holiday at the age of 2 (ok, I was carried a lot or pulled on a sledge) but ever since I have been passionate about hiking and discovered my love for running along the way. Next stop is Madrid Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon this spring.

Recently, I started venturing into the world of mountain biking. Needless to say I found a new favourite pastime .

If I’m not outside getting muddy I work as a graphic designer and illustrator trying to make the world a prettier place.

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